Artwork Packaging & Shipping

Artwork Packaging & Shipping

Packing artworks and fragile items

Regarding the packing of artworks and fragile items like antiquities and special machinery, our team is capable of handling such items with the most care.  Based on the professional packing through the guidance of museum type boxes for artworks and antiquities, PPS is the ultimate choice for this job.

The only way to keep such valuable items safe through transit, is appropriate packing, whether transported by air, sea or road.  The only thing you have to do is to choose PPS, and you will get the desired result.  Our fully equipped workshop in our premises, allows us to construct any type of box.

Transportation and exhibition installation

We offer a wide range of setting and unsetting services, through the whole Cyprus and abroad, for Museums, Galleries and other exhibition centers.  With trusted agents all around the world we offer a complete solution to our clients in combination with our dynamic, composed to constant development and the usage of latest technology tools.  PPS owns all necessary vehicles to transport art pieces as well as drivers with years of experience.  The export/import method can be done through air freight and sea freight.